Garden Elves

By Sarah Kinbar

Thank you, Halle, for your help gardening today! Not only did my little girl carefully place each herb plant in the soil-filled container, she was also with me at the nursery when we picked out the plants.

As I looked at each herb for sale, picked them up and smelled them, and decided what to buy, I glanced to my side to see Halle imitating me. She pored over each plant earnestly, and then asked if she could be the one to choose. How could I say no?

One of gardening’s joys is sharing it with those you love, and over the past few years, my children have been integrally involved. Not long ago, all the neighborhood kids gathered ’round to help me replant a bed, and in the process they learned the importance of amending soil, planting with enough space between each plant, and placing larger plants in the back and smaller ones in front.

It is tempting to make quicker work of gardening by going it alone, but I suggest gardening with your children so that they can experience the creative power of hands in the soil.

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